What’s up?

All’s been quiet lately.


However, that doesn’t mean nothing is going on behind the scenes. In fact, I have a new project that will go open-source soon. It has to do with YouTube and Music, if you care to guess. I had to work on a few personal things as well to make my life easier, as Unity was giving me a bit of trouble.

Neon Flight will get its launch soon as well, as soon as I take care of the metadata for the app. Expect it to launch sometime this week, perhaps early next. I’m thinking the pricing model will follow my previous apps, free with ads after every four or so runs, and a $0.99 fee to remove them.

I have a few ideas for some new apps, and a website hosting business in its initial startup. So while things may look dead here, rest assured that I am very much alive.

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RuneTale Updates

What ever happened to RuneTale? That one Undertale fangame I was working on for a while? Unsurprisingly, I was looking through my projects the other day, and happened upon it. The code needed some major refactoring but I began working on it a little again. We’ll see where this takes us. RuneTale will probably be released as a small demo that would only ever turn into something bigger with Patreon or something similar. We’ll see how it’s received! Stay tuned, as always. See you guys in the next one.

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